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Integrated Solutions

With SFN Velocity

Power your future with Velocity! The all-in-one platform built to maximize your selling power!

To help explain the strategic advantages of Velocity, we divided the program into four sections:

web | SFN Velocity


The right website design really makes all the difference. With your Velocity website, you're getting an expertly designed website that boasts cutting-edge features, content, and SEO practices that will result in a website that is easily navigated and that will entice customers to shop your store. 

social | SFN Velocity


With professionally designed and crafted social media posts, you can keep your potential customers and existing ones engaged. No matter the platform, we've got your back.

advertising | SFN Velocity


Reach the customers the way they want to be reached. With Velocity's advanced systems, we'll tailor advertisements and promotions precisely to your brand voice, ensuring your reach the right customers. 

more-features | SFN Velocity

More Features!

Plus more features from the SFN including Podium Display Promotions, Additional Shaw Content and Product Categories to reflect your business, Website Accessibility and more, of course.