Your SFN Team

danny-crutchfield | SFN Velocity

Danny Crutchfield

Vice President, Shaw Flooring Network

dani-brock | SFN Velocity

Dani Brock

Marketing, Merchandising, & Sales Development

kim-barta | SFN Velocity

Kim Barta

Business and Events

velocity-powered-by-mobile-marketing | SFN Velocity

Velocity powered by Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a digital marketing agency that delivers industry-leading marketing, web, and mobile experiences through strategy, design, and technology. We are committed to providing you with superior expertise, personal service, result-driven technologies, and advanced analytics that make it easy for you to grow your business.

carole-cross | SFN Velocity

Carole Cross

Managing Director

dave-geipel | SFN Velocity

Dave Geipel

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

gregory-beaudoin | SFN Velocity

Gregory Beaudoin

Vice President, Operations & CIO