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Thank you for taking part in the Polar Vortex digital marketing program!

The simple message of a new floor easily and quickly could provide the answer many consumers in your area are seeking. We’re taking care of the all the technical and creative details — giving you time to concentrate on your customers.

Your digital ads will start on Monday, March 22nd.  On the following pages, you find all the details of the campaign, including:

  • An overview of how it will work,
  • Examples of the ads,
  • Explanations of what to expect, and
  • Insight into why we do things the way we do
  • & more

In addition to this written information, we want to invite you to a webinar where we’ll be talking about all the details of the campaign.  You’ll hear directly from the team behind the campaign and get a chance to ask questions.

Polar Vortex Digital Advertising Webinar
Wednesday, March 24th 4:00 pm EST / 3:00 pm CST

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask by emailing AskSFN@shawinc.com
or calling 1-800-Shaw-USA - option 9.

Sincerely, Your SFN Team

Overview of How the Campaign Will Work:

  • Ads will run from March 22nd  – April 17th, 2021.
  • SFN is taking care of all the technical and creative details of your local advertising on Google and on Facebook.
  • The ads will direct consumers to a promotional landing page we’re creating specifically for your store.
  • The landing page will feature a form for consumers to provide their name, email, and phone number, and proposed date and time for a consultation
  • The landing page will showcase a special Wells Fargo financing offer.
  • The landing page will also highlight specific Shaw styles “Available for Immediate Installation.”
  • Our goal with this campaign is to give you additional exposure as consumers are making decisions regarding their homes in the aftermath of the winter storms. 

Google Search Advertising

We’ll execute search ads for a wide range of flooring search terms and phrases.
It’s the most targeted advertising there is because consumers are looking for the information you’re providing!
Notice that it’s an ad specific to your store.  In this example, the store name is John’s Floorcoverings.  This example is from a term related to carpet.

flooring in texas | Velocity by Mobile Marketing

This example is from a search term related to waterproof flooring.

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The Google search campaign will be made using hundreds of proved flooring related search terms.

Landing Page – Top Half of the Page

When consumers click one of your SEARCH ADS, they will be taken to this page, which we have created for your store.  Notice that it includes your store name, address, phone number, website, and directions to your store.

On this page, consumers can also learn about the financing opportunity and learn that there are hundreds of products available for immediate shipment.

Most importantly, the landing page features a form that the consumer completes letting you know they are interested in having a consultation with you either in their home or at your store.

New floors easily and quickly | Velocity by Mobile Marketing

Landing Page – Bottom Half of the Page

At the bottom of the page, consumers can be inspired by beautiful images of flooring and information regarding waterproof vinyl flooring, carpet, and hardwood.

landing page bottom | Velocity by Mobile Marketing

Thank You Email

Below is the email consumers will receive when they complete the form.  Notice you receive a date/time preference and that you will call the consumer to confirm.

New floors easily and quickly | Velocity by Mobile Marketing

Facebook Advertising

We’ll run Facebook ads that will showcase the “New Floors Easily & Quickly” message.
Notice that it’s an ad specific to your store.  In this example, the store name is John’s Floorcoverings.

Below, you’ll see the series of steps that consumers will follow.

  1. Use the Facebook app
  2. See the ad that encourages people to set up an appointment with your store.
  3. Complete the form with their personal information.
  4. Thank you screen with the message that someone from your store will be contacting them.
social | Velocity by Mobile Marketing
Flooring you well | Velocity by Mobile Marketing

You’ll notice at the top of the landing page the logo for FlooringYouWell.com.  This is the site we have created for the individual landing pages of every SFN member and the site we’re using to create these digital advertising opportunities.

It's based on the phrase "serve you well," which you've heard the SFN team say a lot.  Our primary responsibility to members is to serve you well.  In turn, we've heard you say the same thing about your customers.

As a reminder, this campaign is designed to capture leads and to drive new customers to your store and not to drive website traffic.

PHONE LEADS & Your Store’s Phone Number

When you check your landing page, you may think we have listed your phone number incorrectly.  Actually, it’s intentional.  We are listing a tracking phone number that is specific to this campaign that will automatically call your real phone number.

Why are we doing this?  In a world where ROI is key, we want to make sure we’re measuring the results.  Approximately 30% of the leads we can expect from this campaign will be PHONE LEADS.  We want to make sure it’s working.  This phone number lives on this one page and this one page only, which allows us to measure it.

PLUS, we’ll be recording every call that comes through this number for quality and training purposes.   To comply with privacy laws, consumers and your RSAs will be notified at the start of the call that the call will be recorded.

Leads To Be Sent To ShawNow.com

You will be able to find your leads at ShawNow.com under “LEADS.”  Below is an illustration of what you will see.

Digital Advertising | Velocity by Mobile Marketing

Also at ShawNow.com, you will find a Quick Start Guide on Managing Your SFN Leads, a full guide on ShawNow Lead Management, and a Quick Start Guide on Lead Contacts (the address that should receive EMAIL notification of leads and the phone number where we can send TEXT notification of leads).

How Your Ad Dollars Will Be Spent

Your advertising dollars will be spent on advertising in a tight radius around the store.  It's not an exact radius that is the same for every store because the population, the search volume, and geographic considerations vary from one place to another.  The ads will direct people to the landing page where the consumer will complete the lead form or call.  We'll then direct the lead to you with an email.  All leads will also be available for you to see on ShawNow.com.  

This campaign will feature two types of digital advertising:  search advertising through Google and paid social advertising through Facebook. 

When you buy this kind of advertising, you are buying exposure—not a particular number of ads for a particular number of days.  Specifically, you are buying impressions.  When more people see your ad, there is a greater opportunity that some of them will click the ad and convert into leads.  Once you have used all of your budget, your ads will stop even if we have not reached the end of the sale.  

Coupon Versus Consultation

For this campaign, we recognized the primary message consumers in your area need after the winter storms is one of assistance, not discounts.  As a result, the campaign highlights financing opportunities and “New Floors Easily & Quickly” and not a coupon for instant savings.

As you can imagine, it’s easier to get a consumer to download a coupon than it is to get them to schedule a consultation.  As a result, you will probably see fewer leads from this campaign than you have seen with campaigns that offer a discount.

If there are fewer leads or a higher cost-per-lead, it doesn’t mean the campaign is less successful.  It’s just different.  In fact, scheduling a consultation is such a strong indicator of purchase consideration that you may find the value of these leads to be greater than those of previous campaigns.

One SFN members who uses Velocity does a great job of tracking leads.  He is more than willing to pay higher amounts to capture a consultation lead or a financing lead because he closes them more consistently than he does coupon leads.  All the leads can be valuable, but we just want you to know the difference between this campaign and others.

Not A Hard-Sell Approach

When creating a campaign for areas of the country hit by the winter storms, we wanted to make sure it didn’t come across as insensitive.  It was never meant to be a hard-sell approach.  For those families facing daunting tasks of clean-up, insurance claims, and costly repairs, we wanted to offer an assurance that there is a local expert who can help.

Facebook Ads Will Run For 5-10 Days—Which Will Save You Money

When we run ads on Facebook, we run them in concentrated “bursts” of exposure instead of spreading your entire budget over a four-week period.  It will give you better results and it will cost you less.  Here is why:  Facebook’s advertising model is based on “engagement.”  If your ad is getting good engagement, Facebook rewards you with increased exposure and lower costs per impression. 

If we spend $500 over four full weeks, it means approximately $16 per day.  At $16 per day, you won’t get engagement because there aren’t enough people to see your ad to create high engagement numbers.

Instead, we spend the $500 over a 5-10 day period on Facebook that will ensure higher engagement numbers, lower cost-per-click numbers, and a higher number of leads.  Applying these best practices ensures that you’re getting a higher return on your advertising investment.

Seeing Your Ad on Google?

When you advertise on TV or on a billboard, everyone who is watching TV at that time or driving by the billboard will see your ad.  We’re all familiar with that advertising model.  Digital marketing is different. When you sponsor search terms in Google, you are buying a certain number of impressions.   Everyone on Google will NOT see your ad. 

Your search campaign will feature hundreds of proven search terms and phrases.  It would be too cost prohibitive to buy 24/7 coverage for every search for every term for four weeks. 

Instead, we will optimize your campaign to get you the most exposure for your search terms at the lowest cost.  It’s an art as well as a science, and that’s why SFN believes so strongly in providing this service.

Also, as a side note, you don’t really WANT to see your ad.  If you see it, but don’t click on it, it hurts your engagement score.  (One non-click won’t do much damage, but still…)  And if you see it, and do click on it, you pay for it.  (That’s why they call it a cost-per-click.)  In pages 2 and 3 of this document, you’ll see examples of your search ads.  Also, as mentioned above, we’ll send you a mid-campaign report and a final report so you’ll know the results. 

The Benefit Of Lessons Learned

As some of the explanations above illustrate, digital marketing can be complex.  With each campaign, we’re able to learn a little bit more to make sure you get increased exposure at lower cost.

Normally, when you try to do these kinds of campaigns on your own, there is a steep learning curve.  There is a lot of investment and a lot of time before you’re able to learn from your mistakes and see superior results.  But because we have partnered with experts in this space, you’re able to realize the benefits of years of learning immediately! 

Your campaign is based not just on the success of lessons learned from one or two campaigns, it’s based on the collective lessons learned from hundreds and hundreds of flooring campaigns.  It’s just one more way that you benefit from being a part of the Shaw Flooring Network and from learning and growing together.

Still have a question about Velocity? Email us Today!